Special insulation pads for industry 

Insulation pads and modules are a natural part of our storages. Pads are produced from quality materials, always paying attention to the usage conditions.

Turbine insulated with padst

Insulation pads are often used for insulation of pipelines and machines. From small ventilators and pumps to big turbines and exhaust systems. Using pads for insulation is cheap and fast to carry out. Pads are not disposable; they can be easily removed during maintenance of a machine and then be reinstalled back after. Also the easiness of installing the insulation pads lowers the expenses. 

In addition to the usage of the pads for the machines, special insulation pads are starting to replace old, often difficult and expensive; metal insulators. The biggest pro of the pad often is the wide range of application of the pad – soft bad is much more flexible than the hard plate-insulators.

Insulator pads can be attached in many different ways. The most common way is to hook the pads together with iron wire. Hooks and other attachment tools are installed to the pads already in the production process so there is no need to worry about them at the moment of the installation.


Special insulation pads also play a key role in the safety of the work environment. It has been noted that when using insulation pads, the number of accidents (skin burns etc.) has decreased. Also working conditions improve as the head does not transfer to the working space. 

Insulator pads are also excellent for sound- insulation. Even a thin layer of the insulation pad creates a quieter working environment.

Full service

Tailor made products

When shipping products to our current costumers, we even put the insulation pads into “ready-to-go” packages. This is because we tend to go from the dimensioning and the process of making the product, into putting the whole package together.


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