Special productWhen producing our filters to our customers, we focus on the dust removal system made for different types of hoses, bags and cartridges.

We import high quality filter materials, from which we produce high quality filter elements in our own production. All of our products are being produced according to the customer´s own wish and size towards the product produced as well as from the material that seems to fit the best the idea of the final product itself. 

We store continuously so called basic materials (mm. PE and ant. PE), so that in emergency stages, for example destroying produced by fire, we will have the chance to start producing the new series of the product as fast as possible.

Through us, our customers are given the contacts for the material manufacturers, professional services. With this, we can make sure to have the exact the best material for the product needed for our customer as well as which product will have the most benefit for the customer even if there would be misunderstandings. In addition, the small tester- packages may be switched from one filter material to another. Like this, our customer receives a balanced view of both material and does not have to order a product without knowing more about its qualities.


Installation of filter elementsReplacing filterbags

Installation service is also part of our job description. When needed, we re-place our customer´s filter bags with the new ones, put them into place and clean afterwards. 

Because of doing this for many years, we have proven to our customers that we will not damage the new filters when installing them. In addition to this, we also offer alternatively installing services, which helps to decrease the chance of the filter breaking apart especially if it has been installed and placed incorrectly. 

When working together with our customers, we also do comprehensive annual/ maintenance- services. Customizable packages can contain everything from the producing of the product to the installation or alternatively only for example installation work or installation service. 

Our sales will be happy to tell you more and give you a competitive offer!