Thousands of kilos and kilometers, different types and kinds of seals pass through our services annually.

Generally our seals are transmitted our customers the way they are, but some go through our sewing-section where we produce many different kinds of special seals and gasgets. 

All of our seals can take heat from +150 degree to +1400 degrees. In the other hand, sometimes those have to be able to take temperatures below zero. That is why it is important to choose the right material to the right application.

A good, already continuing co-operation with different producers and manufacturers ensures more high quality products with a good price / quality ratio. Also centralized purchases promise our customers their wished product for a reasonable cost. We constantly store different types of high temperature isolation fibers. Most common sizes can be easily found from our stock and therefore the delivery often happen during the same day as the order has been given. In addition to this, special seals and different sized products are possible.

Contact us and ask for an offer!  Price-/ Quality ration is always in place with our products.

Glass Fiber +550˚C

LasikuitutiivisteetGlass fiber gaskets are suitable for applications where the temperature does not rise above +550 degrees. These are for example fireplace- and oven doors, door seals, bushings, cable shields. Glass fiber seals are mechanically strong and are very versatile.



Different types of glass fiber seals:

  • twisted yarn
  • braided packing
  • sleeve / hose
  • tape (also with self adhesive)

 Color: white (also black for some products)

Ceramic seals +1260˚C

Keraaminen narutiivisteCeramic seals are made of high-temperature-resistant ceramic fibers and can be used at temperatures up to +1260 degrees. Seals have high thermal stability, excellent acoustic and electrical insulation, as well as good chemical tolerance. Due to the fragility of the ceramic fiber gaskets are either glass or steel wire reinforced.


Different types of ceramic seals:

  • tape (no adhesive available)
  • sleeve / tube
  • twisted rope / yarn
  • braided and knitted packing