Supermag blanket

Technical data:

Melting point / ˚C:  1275
Max. temp. /˚C:  1200
Max. cont. temp. / ˚C:  1000
Fiber diameter / micrometer 3.0
Fiber length / mm:  203

Chemical analysis:

AL203  0.5-0.8 %
Si02  58-65 %
CaO  29-34 %
MgO  3-5 %
Fe2O3  0.3-0.5 %


Nutec Fibratec

Nutex Fibratec at TEXpro Oy

We import Nutec Fibratec´s high quality, high temperature insulation products. 

We are the representatives of Nutec Fibratec in Finland. Nutec´s wide selection of different insulation fiber blankets, boards as well as other special types of insulation fibers can all be found through us.

Supermag is a high temperature fiber that has been manufactured with a special sewing technique. The product has excellent properties against heat. The product can be used multiple ways e.g. in heat-treating lines, furnace lining, oven linings, flues, industrial oven´s walls, elevators, fireplaces, expansion joints and insulating pads. 

The best features are: low heat conductivity, low heat storage, low weight of the product and thermal shock resistance. 

All supermag products are asbestos-free 

Maximum use limit: +1200˚C

Our storage have the most common thicknesses and strengths of the product. Other products can be ordered through us. 

Our stock sizes:Supermag blanket

(kg/m3 / thickness mm)

96 / 13

96 / 25

96 / 50

128 / 13

128 / 25

128 / 50

Pallet size is 16 / rolls


Glass fibre felt

Our selection of fibers also includes fiber blankets. Blankets can be used e.g.  when wanting to insulate the insulating pillows or by itself to insulate heat or noise. However, the blanket often sheds fiber so its most common usage is for the filling of the insulation pads. Fiber blanket is also available with aluminum foil, which is a very effective protection against heat radiation. 

In our storage, we hold the thickness sizes of 6, 12 and 25 mm and width of 100 cm. Also other thicknesses and sizes can be ordered through us. 

Smallest selling-size is 1 meter. Ask for an offer !