We are importing high quality technical fabrics.

Our selections builds up from different types of fabrics for different types of purposes, from the basics to the differently coated or treated once, for example aluminum- or silicon coated.

Some of our fabrics are sent to our customers as they are for different protection purposes such as during shutdowns or maintenances. Some of our fabrics in our production go through additional treatment, making the fabrics more capable to take heat and mechanical extension. Our fabrics are used as for making example fire extinguisher blankets, welding curtains, expansion joints and special pads.

Fiber Glass

The main ingredient for most of the fabrics is fiber glass, which is fully non-flammable. It is also mechanically very strong so it is excellent to use for example in expansion joints, special pads and protective curtains


However, fiber glass is not appropriate for the highest temperatures, and this is why our products include silica fabrics that can take + 1000 C. This is excellent material for example for turbine´s insulation pads, when the surface temperature might be very high. Silica can be ordered as it is with its two different strengths or in addition to this, as aluminium based.


In addition to the fabrics mentioned above, our company also uses aramid in our product selection. The fabric is known for its excellent consumption durability. It also takes the changes in temperature very well. With these characteristics, the product is excellent even for those who need their seals to last longer. The fabric is available with different strengths as well as it is, or with different coatings for example aluminium folio.


Our sales will help you to choose right material for your application.