Every year we produce hundreds of expansion joints for our customer’s needs.

Fabric jointsIn our factory here at Rauma, every year we produce hundreds of different and special bellows such as fabric connectors, the fan bellows, ducts bellows, conveyors bellows, bellows for protection etc. Some of our products contain only the newest fabric portion, but majority of them are being submitted as a complete product with their metal parts as well as their fixing and mounting parts as a “ready-to go” package. Our expansion joints, also known with the name “flexible connectors”, are made as our customers want them; with their own need of size and wish towards the product.

In addition to this, because of our countable and wide subcontracting chain, it is possible for us to give the last and final touch up even to the metal products as well as our additional service before the products are being sent away.

Fast reaction time

Our own producing guarantees the possibility of us to react and start any producing of a product as fast as we can instead of losing too much time into delivery time that could be used for working. Of course, this occurs from time to time - the bellows break more than needed especially during the weekends and night time. However, when this happens, we are reachable from the following 24/7-number +358 44 378 6900.

Installation and after-sales serviceAssembling the compensator

In addition to our bellows, we offer installation-, maintenance and fixing services. Even the larger sets of jobs are easy to carry out with the “turnkey” – principle. By using this method, the customer´s own resources can be used as a more productive work. We have also carried out different types of maintenance contracts, in which a regular check- up for the bellows and its condition has helped to avoid unfortunate surprises that the broken bellow may produce to the customer. 

Our customers list includes not only equipment manufacturers and fixing services, but also end-users and many more from the large field of industry.

Don´t be afraid to ask for more information, contact us for more information.