Strongest in Finland - TEXpro Ltd


TEXpro Oy has worked in the industry and produced fiber products already since 2001

TEXpro Kairakatu 6 Rauma

In October 2001, here in Rauma, in Männistönkatu, TEXpro OY made history when we sent our first delivery to our first customers. Now, already a few years later, it has been a joy to notice that the first customers and the co-operation between us and them still continue. A friendly thank-you for believing into our company as well as and having a wonderful way of cooperating with us throughout all these years as well as the old as to the newest customers. Despite the fact that there has been of course difficult times, together and with the right cooperation, we have gone through those times with grace.

With you, sincerely, TEXpro OY

Our way to work is our customer´s benefit


Our strength is own production and fast delivery all over to the europe. Our production could be started without any delays so we could send a replacement parts very quicly to the customers. Our main goal is help to our customers keep their production running without any unwanted interruptions. In some cases we have sent the spareparts or new products during same day we received the order.


When producing a product for any customer in our factory, we take account of for what reason does the customer needs the product and what are their wishes towards the product. This helps us to receive the best possible outcome for the product itself. Customized solutions make small series of the product possible and therefore all the needed changes to the product are easy to be made. Also bigger series are naturally possible as well as they are usually cheaper than the parts that are being sold as single-parts.


Because of the raw materials used in our production as well as our principals´ continuing product development, we can continually correspond to the challenges that the current provisions bring us. These challenges are usually connected with the product´s durability or the fact of being friendly towards the environment. In addition to this, we have started paying even more attention to the features of the products and the raw materials, and their usage. 

We want our customers to receive the best benefit of their process from the products they have bought from us.